Top Notch Grooming

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At this time we can only take dogs under 30 lbs 

Carly before

Mia & Max after their day at the spa. Patiently waiting for Mommy or Daddy
Amber before
Amber After
Bonita Before
Bonita After
Bella Before, her 1st bath and de-shed treatment
what a cutie!!!
I feel so much lighter!!!
Cody is a smart, talented poodle!
Teddy and Molly before
All done and ready for the holiday!!

Charlie is relaxing before her groom and after (right) 

Sebastian, his 1st grooming experience.  He was fantastic!
Barney sporting his new do!

Brownie was a good sport for her first professional grooming day!
Rocky after
Popcorn After
Jaycee has met her older boyfriend.
Lizzie during her bath
All done and those treats were delicious!!!
Katie, Mommy took my picture when we got home from Top Notch Grooming.  Mrs. Cathy forgot.  Shame on her,  she knows I was looking awesome!!
Are we done yet?  I want my treat...PLEASE....

Manny just wants to take a few minutes to rest...It's tough having to be so beautiful!
Mona, Lisa & Davinci singing their Christmas songs
Skittles all fluffed out and
patiently waiting..So CUTE!!!
My name is Gizmo and I give Mrs. Cathy a run for the money.  I don't like my face washed, dried or clipped.  And I play games of keep away every time I come here...I think it's fun!

Duncan (on the floor) stayed as close as possible to his brother during his groom. 
There you go, I knew those
beautiful brown eyes were under there.
Allie and Cooper come in every month for their clean up bath.  Now, its just time to relax while they wait for their Mommy